Porsche 911

We like our luxuries simple, elegant, and timeless. That goes for our vehicles as well. After all, how amazing can a car really be if its owner feels the need to deck it out with TVs, neon lights, fancy rims, and – God help us – subwoofers?

As far as we’re concerned, if a car is truly iconic, you should be able to identify it no matter the year or model. Ideally, you should also be able to buy it once, and make it last a lifetime. That’s why for us, the ideal car is the Porsche 911. It doesn’t matter the year, it doesn’t matter the condition (we actually prefer them slightly weathered), you can recognize a Porsche from the look, the sound, and the rumble in the air as they pull away. If you look around, you can also find an older Porsche that’s right in your price-range (though the air-cooled models of your youth are commanding a pretty penny these days). You’ve covered a lot of miles to get to this stage in your life, why not reward yourself with the perfect ride to take you the rest of the way?

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