The Chieftain Safety Razor

“I like to do some things the old-fashioned way.”
“Sometimes the old ways are the best.”
~ Skyfall

We couldn’t agree more. While we’re always interested in testing out the newest toys and gadgets designed to make our lives easier, some things are just better when you go back to the basics. Case in point: Razors

Sometime over the last twenty years, the big boys of shaving entered into an undeclared battle to see who could fit the most blades on the end of a shaving handle. But we have to wonder if any of the design and marketing minds behind those products have ever actually used them. The reason? They shave too close. We like to think we’re as tough as they come, but when shaving is concerned, our faces are sensitive! Pulling three, four, and five blades across our skin, leaves us with shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, and red, irritated complexions. It’s like we’ve traveled back in time to our high school days! Fortunately, time travel is just the answer to this problem, and a well made razor from a different era is just the solution.


Enter Vikings Blade and their Chieftain safety razor. Imported from Sweden, these brass and bronze handles are coated in brilliant, rust-banishing chrome, and outfitted with their patented micro-comb and butterfly blade changing systems. Each handle comes with a shave mirror, travel case, five laser-sharp blades, and a guarantee of quality. They’re heavy, classy, and slice through whiskers like a hot knife through butter.


Once you master the art of this classic shave, you’ll never go back. Your skin will thank you, your significant other will thank you, and your wallet will thank you, because unlike those multi-blade monstrosities, replacement blades for The Chieftain cost practically nothing. A pack of blades will last you for years!

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