Chateau Ste. Michelle Heritage Reserve Wine Club

While picking wines based on weird names and bizarre labels can be fun (and it lead us to Freakshow, which is excellent), there are definitely more reliable ways to discover new wines. One of the best routes is by joining a wine club, and one of our favorites is the Heritage Reserve Wine Club from Chateau Ste. Michelle.

Each quarter, club members receive a carefully packaged shipment of six wines, often with an additional special selection if you’re interested in that offering. Each box comes with two bottles of three different wines selected by the winemakers, and can include anything from Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Limited Releases, Artist Series, and Ethos Reserve lines.

Each shipment costs between $150-250.  Additional benefits include a 20 percent discount on wine purchases, flat rates on ground and air shipments, and tasting events at the estate, among numerous other perks. This is a great deal, and an exceptional way to try out some mind-blowing wines.

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