Bomber Jackets

We tend to turn to Steve McQueen for guidance in manly pursuits. Cars, watches, women, attitudes, and especially style. Though he’s been gone for decades, he lived his life in such a unique, unaffected manner, that his influence will likely never dissipate.

One of our favorite items of Steve McQueen’s wardrobe was the bomber jacket he wore in ‘The Great Escape.’ We’re certainly not alone in this regard, it isn’t hard to find any number of replica “Escape-inspired” bomber jackets available online (some at mind-boggling prices), but style isn’t about duplicating someone else’s look, it’s about taking inspiration and making it your own, which is why we think it’s important to find a look you want to emulate, and select an item that works for you!

Two of our favorite options for bomber jackets come from our good friends at Carbon2Cobalt. The Expat Bomber is like McQueen’s Great Escape jacket with a bit more attitude, while the Shoreline Bomber feels like something Han Solo might wear on the Ice Planet Hoth.  Like all the clothing Carbon2Cobalt makes, everything about these jackets is high quality, and the little details make them really special. Either one of these would make Steve proud!

Check out The Expat Bomber and The Shoreline Bomber




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