Storm Full Zip

Look, we like our hoodies as much as the next guy, but there comes a point when, unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg and it’s your signature outfit, you have to update your look. Plus, if you live anywhere with rain and real weather, wearing a hooded sweatshirt everywhere you go leaves you looking drab, immature, and soggy.

We’re fans of American Giant’s made in the USA products, and their latest offering is right up our alley. The Storm Full Zip is just the type of high quality garment you’ve learned to expect from the company, with the added benefits of zippered pockets, a cinch drawcord, and a scuba hood (which might sound silly until you see how well it keeps out the elements).  Oh yeah, and these babies are water repellant!

The Storm Full Zip is made for both men and women and makes a great holiday gift!

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