We were longtime Roomba skeptics, but vacuuming, like dusting, is a chore that never ends. NEVER! So after a while, we started joking that the next time we had some extra cash, we were getting a Roomba. Then we got a tax refund and bought two of them…

Surprise, surprise, these things really work! We have two floors, and we didn’t want to have to take it from one level to the next when it was time to vacuum the second floor, so we took an extra risk and shelled out for two units. (By the way, these don’t like stairs, so be sure to follow the directions to prevent your new best friend from taking a tumble.) But all in all, these work really, really well. You won’t believe how much dust and dirt will be in the bin at the end of each cycle.

Maintenance is fairly easy. Depending on how often your Roomba makes the rounds, you have to clean hair out of the brushes with a special tool (included) maybe once a week. You also need to empty the bin after each use, and shake out the filter. But other than that, this a low maintenance device that makes at least one part of housekeeping significantly easier.

If you’ve ever seen the commercials and found yourself feeling intrigued but wary, believe us, we know the feeling, but Roomba really and truly works! It’s one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.

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