Saxx Underwear

Guys, lets admit it, a lot of underwear just doesn’t fit right. Yeah, we liked our knit boxers. Actually, we loved our knit boxers, but fashions change, and it’s just about impossible to find our favorite underwear anymore. Besides, the style today is pants that fit, and the stuff we wore under our jeans in the 90s, just won’t work with today’s snugger pants.

Here’s the other problem, for years it seemed mens underwear was designed by either some sort of puritanical seamstress in denial of male physiology, or a lunatic obsessed with fitting clothes to a life-size ken doll.

That’s where Saxx Underwear comes in. Look, we can all figure out where this brand gets it name, and therein lies the genius of their designs.  They get how underwear needs to fit us! Their designs are simple, yet brilliant. These will change the way you feel about wearing underwear dictated by your skinny jeans. Once you try Saxx, you’ll never pine for your old knit boxers again.

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