The Dead Zone

Before it was a movie or a television series, The Dead Zone was a bestselling book written by Stephen King. And while its adaptations are worth checking out, the book remains a must read.

We don’t get into politics here, but we love our books, and there are times literature holds a clarifying lens up to current events. This is one of those occasions.

Stephen King has a reputation for writing horror, which we feel isn’t quite accurate. The truth is, he’s a master of insightful, thoughtful dramas, and he has a real knack for thrillers set in convincingly realistic worlds, but they’re also worlds touched with a hint of magic. The Dead Zone, like all King’s books, takes place in a realm that acts as a dark mirror of our own, splintered with terrifying variations.

We don’t want to spoil the plot, except to say that it’s more timely now than ever before.  If the showdown between John Smith and politician Greg Stillson was a choose your own adventure book, we might very well be wading into the real life alternate ending at this very moment.

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