7,927 Reasons to Get Up in the Morning

We’ve heard there are folks on this planet who consider themselves “morning people.” We can’t claim to be among them, but on those mornings when we have no choice but to get up early and face the world, we have a secret weapon that helps us get where we need to go.

Original Source’s Mint & Tea Tree shower gel is a genuine lifesaver. With 100 percent natural fragrance, which the company boasts comes from the “7,927 tingling leaves” they cram into every bottle, this is a glorious product that wakes you up, puts some spring in your step, and gets you out the door smelling like the freshest, zaniest gentleman on the block.

The company prides itself on its use of natural plant extracts and aromas found in nature, and their respect for nature and planet earth itself extend to their use of fully recyclable bottles. This is the best wake up call you could hope to find.

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