WSJwine Discovery Club

If you’re looking to cast a wider net across the wine market, or you’re still waiting in line for our other wine club of choice, thanks to a holiday gift from generous friends, we’ve just received our first shipment from The WSJWine Discovery Club, and we think you’ll love it!

We’d heard nothing but good things about this wine club, and had been debating pulling the trigger on a membership for a while, which is why we were so delighted to receive a one year membership as a holiday gift!

The first shipment arrived at our door around New Years, packed full of 15 bottles! We received the Red Showcase assortment, but you can also choose whites, or a mix of reds and whites. Either way, the price is the same!

Once you receive your first shipment, be sure to set up an account so you can log in and let them know what types of wines you prefer. From countries of origin, to varieties, tell them what you love, what you’re curious about, and even what you hate, and they’ll be sure to keep these in mind when assembling your subsequent shipments.

Here’s the best part: Your first shipment is on $69.99!

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