Five to Try: Park City

When we’re traveling to a new city, we like to go with at least five recommendations in our pocket. Here’s a quick rundown of five of the places we think everyone should check out in Park City, Utah:

We were lucky enough to score a reservation on our last night of Sundance. Zoom is owned by Robert Redford, and is part of his Sundance Mountain Resort. Housed in a restored train station, this jewel of a restaurant serves absolutely delicious food – including the best charcuterie plate we’ve tried in years, a smoked chicken that we can still taste two weeks later, and the best cocktails anywhere in the state of Utah.

This is exactly the type of place you hope to find when you’re on vacation, particularly when you’re high in the mountains, and the weather is frigid. Specializing in pizzas and upper echelon bar food – think shepherds pie, burgers, and pomme frites – Boneyard serves good drinks, delicious wine, and offers enough atmosphere to keep you warm on your next trip to Sundance. After a couple screenings in Eccles, there’s no place you’d rather head for a great bite to eat.

Wine Dive
Technically, this is part of Boneyard – it’s housed in the same building, you can duck across the hall from one to the other, and you can order food from either restaurant’s menu – but Wine Dive is very much it’s own joint. More of an industrial bar, with moody blue lighting and a delicious assortment of drinks, the moment you walk into the building, you’ll find yourself struggling to decide whether to take a left turn or a right. Either way, you’re guaranteed a great meal.

Red Banjo
OK, so this is your basic pizza and beer joint, but when you’re racing to fit in a meal before your next screening at The Egyptian, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a thick slice of pizza, a cold draught beer, or a glass of the house red. While everyone else is fighting for reservations, or sweating over whether or not they’ll be out of dinner in time for their next screening, you can scarf down a couple of satisfying slices, tip back the fortifying beverage of your choice, and head back out into the elements feeling restored and ready for more fun.

No Name Saloon
If you’re a filmmaker looking to toast the big sale of your dream project, this is the place you want to go to celebrate. Cut loose and party like Tarantino, Soderbergh, and countless breakout Sundance stars before you did back when they were no name masters of their craft.




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