Triumph Motorcycles

If you’re a fan of Steve McQueen, then you’re almost certainly familiar with the most famous example of this legendary motorcycle manufacturer’s work.

McQueen is probably the most well-known Triumph enthusiast. A Triumph, painted and disguised to look like a wartime BMW, is the bike his ‘Cooler King’ uses to jump the fence in ‘The Great Escape.’

The Triumph has been in production, through one corporate iteration or another, since 1902. Though models have come and gone over the years, the Bonneville is arguably the most iconic.

The designs are simple, the look is no-nonsense, and the performance is undeniable. There’s a reason anyone who spots a Triumph on the street has to stop and take a second (or third) look. We sure do.

If you’re in the market for one, there are plenty to choose from!




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