The Trip to Spain

We discussed The Trip and The Trip to Italy this summer. Now we’ve seen the third installment in what has to be the unlikeliest trilogy since Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy and it it was worth the wait.

Every installment of this ongoing collaboration between Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, and director Michael Winterbottom has featured standout impressions. Michael Caine and Roger Moore have surfaced numerous times throughout the series, and they never get old. This season, the standouts include David Bowie and a gut-busting Mick Jagger impersonation that will forever change the way you look at the Rolling Stones frontman and… peacocks. You’ll see.

The signature melancholy is a little thicker than usual, and the ending is a bit jarring and not quite pat, but the show is pure pleasure. Wine, food, frenemies, and hilarity. Watch with a glass of wine and enjoy.

Order The Trip to Spain (Note: You do need a region-free player to watch this.)




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