Leo’s Den: October 16th

Leo is our resident film buff, audiophile, and home theater guru. Every Monday, he takes a peek at the latest movies and gear hitting store shelves, and tells us what he’s excited to bring back to his den.

This week we’re getting a terrific line-up of reboots, upgrades, new releases, and final bows.

Apollo 13
Houston, we have an upgrade to glorious 4K. Order the Ultra HD Blu-ray

Batman vs. Two-Face
The late, great Adam West takes his final bow in his signature roll. Order the Blu-ray

Holiday Inn 75th Anniversary Edition
The all-time classic gets a fresh release just in time for a very big anniversary. Exploding preserves and firecracker dances are among our favorite sequences. Order the Blu-ray

Spider-Man: Homecoming
After two garbage-pile relaunches, Spider-Man gets the series reboot he deserves! Order the Ultra HD Blu-ray




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